October 2009: From PBS another Financial Literacy Site

Your Life, Your Money complete with a game for learners to 'play,' can be found online at http://www.pbs.org/your-life-your-money/ylymyw.php
To get to the different icons on the game itself, your character must Jump to the right spot on each area.
Under the Tools & Resources tab are some good links to HSBC's Managing Your Money web pages, and includes calendars, glossaries and quizzes
Under the Educators & Families tab are additional Lessons & Activities, some of which can be used in lieu of or in conjunction with the Webquest.

Just saw this interesting story about a young women who had a very bad credit card problem and there are some links and videos (May 30. 2012)

Completed Credit Card Webquest is here Here are some Internet Resources for information about Credit and Credit Cards.

Checklist for comparing credit cards
View and Compare Citibank credit cards for students:

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