Simple Machines

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Human body examples

Dirtmeisters Home Page and Scholastic Simple Machines for students

Also from Scholastic New Creations from Six Simple Machines
Unit Plan | Grades 6-8: Students explore simple machines and their importance in the development of modern technology.

Internet Field Trip: Simple Machines
Lesson Plan | Grades 6-8: Students gain knowledge about simple machines through an Internet Web quest that will apply to all three lessons in the unit.

Complete Elementary Unit with worksheets and project

Lesson Plans Found at (3-5) (K-2)
Ramp builder (k-2)
Ramps (k-2)

Lever Activity and online activity

Edheads interactive flash activity

Edhead’s Compound Machines

COSI [Center of Science & Industry, Ohio] Museum online interactive (flash) has three sections: simple machines, compound machines and mechanical advantage.

Excellent for MS/HS: Simple machines with Java applet virtual experiment activities and lesson plans
Teacher overview and downloadable student worksheets at

Lesson plan with handouts (kitchen machines) is at

Sketching Gadget Anatomy link from
Museum of Science, Boston, Inventors Workshop

Screw demonstration at

Simple and Complex Machines

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  • Mechanisms and Simple Machines -
    Carnegie Mellon University offers this college-level explanation of simple machines and the principles of physics which take place behind their operation. The jargon is fairly technical and the sketches help to demonstrate the concepts being presented. Ideal for older students.
  • Moving Along with Simple Machines -
    The teachers of Henry County, Georgia designed this four week elementary unit on simple machines, with very detailed lesson ideas, creative activities for demonstrating principles of simple machines, and connections across the curriculum to make learning more meaningful for students.
  • Simple Machines -
    This ThinkQuest entry on the book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH takes students through explanations, pictures and animations of simple machines. Of particular interest to students will be the instructions for building a working elevator out of K'Nex building blocks.
  • Work is Simple with Simple Machines -
    This elementary unit by Rhode Island elementary educators Martha Baton, Stephanie McKiernan and Jolene Polidoro integrates the study of simple machines across the curriculum. The unit is thoughtfully designed with expected outcomes, identified benchmarks, activities in context and lots of local links with explanations and activities for students.

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Simple Machines for Middle School Science Teachers at
This free, standards-based, online publication, developed for middle school science teachers, explores the history and nature of science through the topic of simple ... [Found on Windows Live, Yahoo! Search] Simple Machines Science, level: Elementary Posted by julie 3/CO ( ). Vista Grande, WEstminster, Colorado Activity Time: 3-4 weeks
Lesson Plan: Teaching Simple Machines. and Newtonian Mechanics. David Vernot ..class as a part of our study of Newtonian mechanics and simple machines. .. opens with a song.

Third Grade Game board at Students will review knowledge of simple machines and their uses. ... I used some links of my own that I've used while teaching simple machines to third graders. ... [Found on Yahoo! Search]
Teach-nology at has some worksheets and lesson plans including Printable Puzzle Worksheet Makers: Complete Teacher Related Workbooks: Cloze Worksheet Maker - Platinum Sample; Crossword ... [Found on Windows Live]
Teaching Tips: Introduction to Simple Machines; Levers; Wheels and Axles at [[|<span]] style="FONT-SIZE: 11pt; COLOR: green; FONT-FAMILY: Tahoma">

SIMPLE MACHINES: LESSON PLANS created BY: Carol Huddle Kae Avenue School for grades 3-4.
Annotated links at Inventors Workshop: Exploring Leonardo - Students learn how Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance scientiest, inventor, and artist, modified simple machines with this thematic unit ...
Create a newsletter, from Microsoft at In this project students are challenged to identify and study simple machines in everyday life - from a seesaw to a treadmill. They investigate how these simple yet fascinating ... [Found on Windows Live, Yahoo! Search]
ALEX Lesson Plan: Simple Machines Webquest
You may save this lesson plan to your hard drive as an html file by selecting "File", then "Save As" from your browser's pull down menu. The file name extension must be .html [Found on Windows Live, Yahoo! Search]’s portal to finding lesson plans for teaching about invention and inventors and other science lesson plans for grades K to 12. at [[|<span]] style="FONT-SIZE: 11pt; COLOR: green; FONT-FAMILY: Tahoma">’s Inventor’s Workshop at Students learn that the six simple machines are the basis for all mechanical devices and explore DaVinci’s work|Pulleys - This BrainPOP movie explains how pulleys change the direction of force and make it easier to lift a load.
Pulley System diagram at
How Stuff Works: Block & Tackle (pulley)

Java Applets on Physics

Inclined Plane Java applet