Hello Class!

The Earth's surface is made up of land and water. The largest land masses are called continents. Can you name them all?
The largest bodies of water are called oceans. What are their names? Which ocean is closest to New York City?

What kinds of creatures live in the oceans?

Let's find out!
Click here to visit Ocean Life for Kids
Then click on Let's Start and read about FISH!
Read the entire page. You'll want to answer the questions before you discover some other animals that live in the ocean.

Choose one ocean animal. Read all about it and answer the question on the page and click on the Next Question link for more. How would you describe it? If there's time, find out about the other sea creatues, too, and take the quiz.

Write three sentences about one of the animals. What amazing thing did you learn? Remember to use capital letters to start your sentences and periods to end them.

Read more about lobsters here and watch the video. Check out the other animals there, too.

Can you type your sentences into the Notepad program on your computer and save them?

Lesson Plan
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