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aolbuddyicon1.gifHi, I'm Lynne Bailey. As a graduate student in the New York Institute of Technology's MS degree program in instructional technology I created this wiki. Happily, I graduated in August of 2009 with a 4.0 GPA. The focus of instructional technology is using technology to educate and learn. In these classes we explored technologies, many of them part of the web 2.0 world, that allows teachers and students to create and share learning experiences. One of these platforms, is the Wiki. Wikis are a fabulous tool for creating collaborative web spaces. Examples are everywhere. The biggest wiki is undoubtedly Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia. It has evolved into a very valuable resource for everyone.

Wikis can be private, public, open for editing or locked (browsing only). As an exercise in school, I created this wiki and used it as a tool in my credit card webquest which is online here. One of the tasks required students to create group wikis to compile a list of terms and their descriptions. I added a page here, Team A, as an example to get them started. Some teachers have students create wikis as study guides, others use wikis to develop to very robust web sites.

In the spring of 2007 I attended PodCamp NYC. The organizers used a wiki platform to organize the conference. There were pages to sign yourself up as an attendee, sponsor, or presenter, and pages to add presentations directly into the schedule. I wrote about my experience there in my blog. The direct blog post is here . It was a huge, and very successful 'un-conference' . Next year's PodCamp is alread being planned for New York City check the Date at the web site here. For PodCamps in other cities, check this site..

As you can see, wikis are very versatile!