Fundamental Physical Forces
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Some Online Resources
Scientific Method:
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Isaac Newton Wikipedia entry at

Virtual Lab – How to Conduct a Controlled Experiment

Newton' second law

Astronaut Drops Feather

Rubberband Rollback Learn about: energy, potential energy, and kinetic energy at
Using balloons
Forces & Motion Secondary

For Primary Grades: Forces & Motion Elementary (including K-1) from BBC
includes interactive activity, quiz and review pages. Excellent :)
ages 5-7

How Energy, Force, Power, Torque and Energy Work at

Pendulum Lesson Plan is at

Webquest: Roller coaster (Glencoe)

School for Champion has nice explanatory pages on Forces, Gravity and other scientific topics including:
Characteristics of Force
Force effects Motion

Work is Result of Force MS with quiz See index at
What is Matter
May the force be with you

Forces: Gravity
Adler Planetarium Astronomy Connections Gravity Lab interactive virtual lab online at
Gravity and Black Holes curriculum guide for MS and HS at

Getting to the Launch Site (vectors/graphing):
Gravity Launch interactive challenge

Select BrainPop Movies

Index at
Forms of Energy: Where does energy come from? Tim and Moby explain in this animated BrainPOP movie.

Watch this BrainPOP animated movie explain how the energy of motion changes depending upon an object's speed and mass.|Potential
In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby show how potential energy changes depending upon an object's position and condition.|Acceleration
This animated movie from BrainPOP defines acceleration and how it relates to speed and motion.|Newton
Newton's three laws of motion are demonstrated in this animated movie from BrainPOP.

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