PowerPoint Jeopardy Template Alternate Download Site

The PowerPoint page on my main site is now getting so many great visitors every month that the free Googlepages account where I kept the files has stopped working because of downloads exceeding the allowable bandwidth use. Therefore, I am putting some of those files here in hopes of avoiding additional problems.

One of my best presentations is this Jeopardy Game Template that can be customized for any subject and grade. This is for educational purposes only and by downloading the presentation you agree to those terms. You may link to this page
, so others can download the game, but you may not offer it from another location without permission
. Notify me by email if you create a link at lynnembailey@yahoo.com

Visit **www.lynnembailey.com/ppt.htm** for more information and complete directions.

Office 2007 Version3: Send me an email to be notified when Version3 is complete.

Office 2003 Version2 - One file with embedded sound that works with Office/PowerPoint 2003. Click here to download the file.

It will also work with Office 2007, however the followed hyperlinks do not change colors properly. When it comes time to actually play the game you will have to open it using the PowerPoint Viewer which you can download from Microsoft here.

Office 97, 2000, XP Version 1 - A zipped file including Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, and sound clips. All the files must be unzipped to the same location (file folder on your computer) to work properly. Please go to www.lynnembailey.com/ppt.htm for complete directions and tutorial information.

Other users have created presentations using this template and I'll post them here as well. Go there to add your own to build up some Q&A's.