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Tracking a HurricaneDataSheet.doc
Weather Observation Chart.

Hurricanes & Weather

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service home page is at

National Hurricane Center is at
Earth Observatory at NASA hurricane page at

Interactive Online/Excellent for middle schools (Free registration to use 5-dat interactive), including teacher guide,

From Glenco

Here's a GLOG with a nice selection of weather resources linked in graphically BUT BrainPops links are subscriber resources

Coriolis Effect Glencoe
Other videos index here at
More information at
Map Room at
Good lesson (4-6) need MAPS poster sized

USA Today Atmospheric science resources (articles with good graphics)
Understanding Air Pressure
What makes a storm a hurricane

Earth Science at NASA headlines with audio files; Severe Storms (current)

Hurricane WebQuests
    • : Suppose you live in a small coastal town in Texas. On the evening news, you hear about a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico that appears to be heading towards Texas. Although this disturbance is not yet classified as a tropical storm, your parents wonder if they should start to board up windows and bring in outdoor furniture to prepare for high winds and rain. When does a tropical depression become a tropical storm? When does a tropical storm become a hurricane? What is the definition of a hurricane? How does a hurricane form? What are the parts of a hurricane? When and where have the most destructive hurricanes hit?
    • How does extreme weather affect our lives? Students will use Kidspiration to organize their data into a web. Students should choose their hurricane name, path, speed and direction, and damage your hurricane will incur. You will describe your hurricane life in detail from a first-hand account using MS Word. Students will find and save photographs that illustrate the affect your hurricane had on people and the environment. Using a computer, the group will create a multimedia presentation to explain your hurricanography. More explicit than the next ones with specific roles:
    • : To know exactly how these systems act, we must first know how they are "born," so to speak. A hurricane goes through its own life cycle not much different than that of a person. To best understand this concept, we want you to take on the exciting task of assuming the role of the storm! In being the hurricane, you will describe your life in detail from a first-hand account! An "hurricanography", if you will.
    • Secondary Hurricane Webquest should you evacuate?
    • Primary online activity about forecasting.
    • Reading weather maps webquest</span>
    • magic school bus 3rd grade

Scholastic's weather maker includes interactive activity
Online guide to hurricanes and quiz at
Scholastic Weather Watch home at with Interactive Weather Maker at and teacher resouces

Classroom Weather Stations
Stevens Institute Weather Scope

Building Weather Tools
Make a weather station and use student worksheet at
Compare to and Scholastic at
Dry Barometer at has more information about why and how it works.
Miami Museum of Science weather station activities are at

Journey North weather observation lesson and worksheet at

Real weather instruments and how they work at USA Today

Trusting the Forecast

Advanced weather maps symbols etc. current airport data

Nova at make the earth’s weather (from El Nino Show)
FAA Preflight Weather Planning Booklet
Hurricane Names at and

Previous NYS Earth Science Regents exams and answers can be found at

Create a brochure student directions at

Kid’s Earth at NASA has small frame movies about how a hurricane is formed online at
How Stuff Works has a nice section on hurricanes as well at with graphics and links to other sites.
National Geograhic’s Forces of Nature has a hurricane section with interactive lab to make your own hurricane at
Hurricane tracking charts

National Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 25-31. Visit the website at
Preparedness advice is also at

Nasa images and story of 2007 hurricanes at
Chemistry/Math activity Graphic Stratospheric Ozone at

Videos at National Geographic are at Check related videos.

News Hour, tracking hurricanes at

NOVA stories on stronger hurricanes and Hurricane Katrina at
Try these in the workshop
Directions for constructing weather instruments</span>

For early grades
For secondary grades
§ (have to create your own chart); see webquests, too

Brain Pop movies you can watch (many-Science Level Red) (human body) (NY Science Grade 6)